About Us

Some guys only drink beer. Some women only drink wine. But we like it all – cocktails, wine, beer, hard liquor – you name and we’ll toss one back with you.

Whether you will drink anything like us or prefer to stick with one drink, we want to help you find all the coolest booze related gadgets and tools on the market. We want to share with you all the neat things that we find so that you can add them to your own kitchen or give them away as gifts to your friends and family.

No matter that you like to drink, we are happy to have you here and hope that you’ll forgive us if you are a wine purist, beer snob or any other type of drinker who doesn’t share are love of all the booze!

So, who are we? Your buzzed, but not yet drunk, hosts are a couple of friends who enjoy nothing more than good cold drinks and fun times.

Have a cold one on us,
Adam, Skipblast Digital LLC