7 Best Bars in Cleveland

The county seat of Cuyahoga County in the American state of Ohio, Cleveland, often nicknamed the “Forest City,” is home to several world-class sites and attractions, including the Rock and Roll Hall Fame.  The city is also renowned as a first-rate party locale, home to an almost unbelievable number of bar, pubs, cocktail lounges and nightclubs.

From neighborhood bars with great Happy Hours and friendly customers, to swanky piano lounges to pulsating clubs, the nightlife in Cleveland is simply off the hook, attracting thousands of people each night from within the city and beyond.

In the following piece we have outlined and described several of Cleveland’s hottest bars and taverns, including their basic location, layout and décor, the atmosphere, genre and vibe of each club, and the terrific food and drink menu you’re likely to find at each.

Porco Lounge and Tiki Room

Located at 2527 W. 25th Street near the city center, the Porco Lounge and Tiki Room is a unique and refreshing bar that seems a bit out of place in a major urban area like Cleveland.  Reviving a theme that reached its heyday in the years directly following World War II in America, this Polynesian-themed bar boasts an island décor; one that is artfully punctuated by booths which resemble thatched huts, bamboo accents and colorful dishware.  The drink menu here includes a full selection of fruity signature cocktails, made from fine spirits, tropical fruits and the freshest herbs, spices and additives,

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Cleveland’s Great Lake Brewing Company, located at 2516 Market Avenue, opened in 1988 under the leadership of owners Pat and Dan Conway.  This brew pub, situated in a rather shady part of Cleveland, was the first craft brewery to open in the state of Ohio, and is also one of the most popular.  As you might expect, the drink menu at the Great Lakes Brewing Company includes scores of microbrews on draft, and their food menu is designed to pair perfectly with the various draught selections.  Some of the more popular drink choices in this well-visited brewery include their Dortmunder Gold and Christmas Ale; the latter served in November and December only.

Edison’s Pub

Positioned at 2373 Professor Avenue in Cleveland, Edison’s Pub is one of the favored destinations among the city’s younger working class and college crowd, boasting over 20 tap beers and the largest bottled beer selection in the city.  The back bar is also stocked nicely with all the standard liquors and liqueurs.

Edison’s Pub boasts a warm and cozy atmosphere and a sports-themed décor, with comfortable seating and several high definition televisions scattered throughout the space.  Pool tables and a few arcade-style games are always occupied by happy revelers, and the large outdoor patio is a great place to hang out on those warm summer nights.  Although there is no food service at Edison’s Pub, a pizza parlor, located directly next door to the bar, is always happy to deliver.

Platform Beer Company

Opened in 2014, the Platform Beer Company is one of the newest drinking locales on our list, and also one of the most popular.  Located at 4125 Lorain Avenue, this oft-visited brew pub boasts over 40 house-made beers on tap, and an impressive selection of bottled beers.  The bar also serves up a variety of cocktails, although beer and ale are definitely the most popular order here.  Several of the Platform Beer Company’s concoctions recently earned gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

The Platform Beer Company also hosts a full restaurant, with fare that includes burgers and a variety of hot and cold sandwiches.  The bar is open 7 days a week from 11:00 AM until Midnight.

Parnell’s Pub

Situated at 2167 Lee Road in the Cleveland Heights section of the city, Parnell’s Pub is an Irish-themed bar that specializes in a wide variety of draught beer and ales, the most popular being Guinness Ale.  There is also a great selection of spirits, including over 20 varieties of Irish whiskey. The bar is small in size, yet huge in character, and the friendly bartenders will make you want to spend an entire afternoon or evening here.

Parnell’s Pub features a long, straight bar that can accommodate roughly 25 patrons, and some sparse seating dispersed around the bar.  Several televisions are usually tuned into soccer games from around the world, and the three dartboards see plenty of action.  Parnell’s Pub is such a popular spot among Clevelanders that the owners recently opened up a second location in the Playhouse Square part of the city.


For a more subdued and traditional lounge experience, you may want to head to the bar known as Nighttown, located at 12383 Cedar in Cleveland Heights.  This nationally-recognized jazz and blues club, owned by the renowned Brendan Ring, has been luring Cleveland residents and tourists for decades and continues to be one of the most popular drinking venues in the city.

At Nighttown, which feels more like a New Orleans club than a Cleveland locale, the bartenders are neatly dressed in ties and suspenders, and the cocktail menu is as unique as it is delicious, relying on only the best liquors and liqueurs and freshest ingredients.  The dimly-lit club has an abundance of plush leather booths lining the walls, and a few larger tables for more sizeable groups.  Nighttown features live jazz and blues music, performed by locals as well as some nationally known touring acts, six nights a week, and occasionally they hold an open mic jam session for up and coming musicians.

Happy Dog

What started as one of the best known hot dog diners in the Midwest has transformed into an ultra-popular bar and restaurant.  Located at 5801 Detroit Avenue, the Happy Dog still specializes in over 50 different types of delicious hot dogs and sausages, but has recently added craft beer and live music to its repertoire, thus making it one of the hottest hotspots for Cleveland’s younger crowd.

In addition to the great food and beer served up here, the Happy Dog has over 10 televisions on which to catch the big game, and several pinball machines that are always ringing and buzzing late into the night.

Cleveland skyline by tpsdave/Pixabay CC0 license

5 Best Bars in Chicago

The third-most populous city in the United States (after New York City and Los Angeles), Chicago is a bustling and very diverse metropolis and a true haven for tourism, attracting millions upon millions of visitors each year.  Many of these visitors come for the city’s amazing entertainment and nightlife scene, which collectively make the city one of the most renowned party destinations in the world.

Known as one of the best bar towns on the globe, it only makes sense that the bars, pubs and lounges in Chicago are some of the best the world has to offer.  To illustrate this greatness, below we have profiled several of Chicago’s finest and most popular drinking establishments, ranging from pubs, to beer gardens to neighborhood hangouts attracting a bevy of locals each and every day.

Hopleaf Bar

Located at 5148 N. Clark Street in the far North Chicago hamlet of Andersonville, the Hopleaf Bar is one of the best and most laidback bars in the city.  And while most of Chicago’s renowned neighborhood bars can be found in the Lincoln Park, Lakeview or even Bucktown sections of the city, the Hopleaf bar is definitely worth the extra drive, even though its regular customers would selfishly prefer this great spot remain somewhat anonymous.

The Hopleaf Bar offers over a dozen beers and ales on draught, including an impressive selection of Belgian beers—their specialty.  The space the bar occupies is stylishly designed, and the atmosphere is friendly and warm.  Electric music blares from the jukebox seven days a week, and the weekend nights, with DJs spinning modern tunes, can get quite packed,

The limited food menu at the Hopleaf Bar includes a great selection of oysters and steamed mussels, as well as a variety of burgers and sandwiches that pair well with their awesome collection of tap and bottled brews.

Billy Goat Tavern

Located underground, beneath the Chicago Tribune headquarters, the most important newspaper publication in the city, the Billy Goat Tavern takes its name from the (now-broken) “curse of the Chicago Cubs baseball team,” which, as you will remember, had a Billy Goat at the heart of the story.

The Billy Goat Tavern—a bar and trendy eatery—has long been an oasis for reporters and journalists, some of whom can be seen slaving over a deadline as they sip a local Chicago ale and munch down a quick burger lunch.  One of the most legendary bars in the city, the tavern is a very popular stop among tourists, making the Goat, as it is familiarly known, hopping both day and night, seven days a week.

The Billy Goat Tavern offers a full cocktail menu; nearly 100 varieties of bottled beer, and roughly 30 tap beer selections that are rotated on a regular basis.  The food menu includes favorites like burgers, hot dogs, wings, fries and onion rings, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

The Billy Goat Tavern is located at 430 N. Lower Michigan Avenue in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Sheffield’s Wine and Beer Garden

Situated at 3258 North Sheffield Avenue, Sheffield’s Wine and Beer Garden is a gorgeous space—a space that was recently remodeled to reflect the changing trends in Chicago’s architectural styles.  An indoor-outdoor space, Sheffield’s is particularly popular during the warmer months, when Happy Hour revelers are known to gather after work on the bar’s spacious patio to relax and unwind after a long day.

With a full cache of Top Shelf spirits, dozens of beer varieties and an extensive wine list, Sheffield’s Wine and Beer Garden is guaranteed to carry your libation of choice, and their kitchen specializes in classic and mouthwatering Chicago barbecue favorites and pizza.  The bar is a popular meeting place for both locals and city visitors, and regularly hosts various literary events and art shows.  Although not the cheapest bar in the city by any means, you definitely get what you pay for here, including a level of attentive and friendly service that is hard to come by these days.

Goose Island Pub

Chicago’s Goose Island pub is one of the most unanimously loved pubs in the entire city, and a great place to catch up with old and new friends.  Although there are two bars in the city that bear the name Goose Island Pub, this original location, located at 1800 N. Clybourn Avenue, is still the best.  Here you will find a seemingly interminable selection of hand crafted beers and ales, served up eagerly in ice-cold pint glasses.  These ales pair perfectly with the signature food menu at the Goose, which includes inventive meals and snacks that take advantage of the city’s local meats and produce.

Located in the part of town known as Chicagoland (the other location is in Wrigleysville), the Goose Island Pub boasts friendly and attentive bartenders on every shift, and amiable servers who are right on top of you as your beer gets low.  Pool tables, dart boards and arcade-style games, including the very popular Golden Tee Golf game, are located in the pub’s back room, and high-def TVs, showing the best in local sports, are positioned high above the bar.

Duke of Perth

Located at 2913 North Clark Street in Chicago, the bar known as the Duke of Perth is a Scottish-themed bar that will make you feel as if you arrived in the heart of Edinburgh.  One of only two Scottish drinking establishments in the entire city (the other is the St. Andrew’s Inn), the Duke of Perth is a “true pub,” a place where you’ll find no televisions, just great booze and conversation.

The Duke of Perth offers a wide selection of draft beer and ale from around the world, as well as over 85 varieties of bottled brew.  Its back bar is stocked with the finest spirits, including nearly a hundred blends of single malt scotch, more than any other bar or restaurant in Chicago.  Their food menu is dominated by simple snack foods, with the most popular order being their $8, all-you-can-eat fish and chips platter.

The décor and furnishings at the Duke and Perth, which is open daily from Noon until 2:00 AM, are as assuming as the friendly crowd, drinks and food menu, and the bartenders and (cute) servers complete the great package.

Chicago skyline by Unsplash/Pixabay CC0 license

5 Best Bars in Charlotte

The largest city in the proud state of North Carolina—and the second-largest city in the Southeastern United States (behind Jacksonville, Florida)—Charlotte is a fantastic place to visit.  Boasting white sand beaches, a pleasant climate and literally thousands of great tourist attractions, you will never be bored in the city of Charlotte, by day or night.

In addition to its many great sites and attractions, Charlotte is home to hundreds of great bars, cocktail lounges, taverns and pubs, all of which happily welcome visitors in addition to their scores of regular customers.

In the following article we will introduce you to some of the city’s best drinking establishments, and highlight each bar’s location, atmosphere, offerings, and characteristics.

Let’s get ready to party!

Dogwood Southern Table and Bar

Open from 11:30 AM until 2:00 AM (closed from 2 PM until 5 PM), the Dogwood Southern Table and Bar, is yet another Charlotte establishment that doubles as an eatery and cocktail lounge.  Here the cocktail service, which was invented, designed and is overseen by bar manager Brian Lorusso, includes a modern twist on some of the classical cocktails of old—twists that reflect Charlotte’s regional spirit.  The cocktails also rely on mixers that are made in house, and only the freshest herbs and spices.  Wine is also a big seller at the Dogwood Southern Table and Bar, and the destination has a fine list to choose from, all designed to pair well with the restaurant’s terrific menu offerings. The pricey, yet scrumptious menu of entrees at the Dogwood Southern Table and Bar includes scores of dishes with an authentic Southern touch.

The Dogwood Southern Table and Bar is a very open space with a rustic feel. This atmosphere is achieved through several open fire places, wood and brick accents and sturdy tables and chairs that are ever so comfortable.

Duckworth’s Grill and Taphouse (Park Road)

A popular bar and restaurant in the city of Charlotte, Duckworth’s Grill and Taphouse actually has three locations throughout the large city, but its original location on Park Road, just off the busy Montford Drive, is by far the best of the three.

Duckworth’s Grill and Taphouse is a laidback eatery and bar that always feel comfortable and relaxed.  Cozy leather booths line the walls of the restaurant, and several tables—high and low—are scattered neatly around the oval-shaped bar. Their food menu consists of mostly comfort food, as well as burgers, steaks and sandwiches, with some local seafood sprinkled in. And while the location has an impressive collection of delicious spirits, including scores of great bourbons, locals say their real claim to fame is their tap beer station, where over 60 craft brews are available in draught pints.

Note:  If possible, try to stop into Duckworth’s Grill and Taphouse on Thursdays, when all their craft beers are sold for a mere $3 a pint all day.  The space may be crowded, but a better deal you will not find in the city.


An artsy bar that attracts a wide range of clientele, including the hipster crowd, Twenty-Two is located in a small corner space in Charlotte’s trendy Plaza Midwood community.  Twenty-Two is part cocktail lounge and part art gallery, with a fully-stocked bar of spirits and liqueurs and artwork adorning the whitewashed walls.  This is the type of place where lovers of the arts get together to chat over a delicious drink, with prices fairly reasonable given the beautiful décor.

Because the art on Twenty-Two’s walls changes frequently, there is always something new and exciting to see at the bar, and their delicious selection of local craft beer is one of the best in the city.

Whiskey Warehouse

Like the bar Twenty-Two, the Whiskey Warehouse is located in the Plaza Millwood section of Charlotte, but that is where the similarities end.  As its name suggests, the Whiskey Warehouse is a great place to visit for those who enjoy fine whiskey, as the bar carries over 80 varieties of whiskeys and bourbons from around the globe.

The Whiskey Warehouse is especially popular among Millennials and Generation X’ers, particularly on weekend nights when the place is packed to the gills with gleeful partiers.  DJs are on hand Fridays and Saturday nights from 10 PM until closing, and the small dance floor is always occupied with revelers.  The Whiskey Warehouse also has a great Happy Hour every weekday from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM, serving up drink specials and half-priced appetizers.

One of the bonuses of drinking at the Whiskey Warehouse is the amazing view.  Just head up to the rooftop on the second deck of this locale (both stories include a fully-stocked bar) for some amazing vistas of downtown Charlotte.

5 Church

This uniquely-named restaurant bar essentially has a dual atmosphere to along with its two-story design.  Open from 5:00 PM until 2:00 in the morning, the earlier shift at 5 Church is rather quiet and subdued.  Diners whisper with each other over candlelit tables, while Happy Hour customers sip cocktails and pick at after-work appetizers before retiring to their respective homes.  By 10 PM, however, 5 Church transforms from a restaurant into a late-night party palace, with well-dressed bartenders slinging drinks at an almost unbelievable rate.

5 Church has a very cool, dress-to-impress vibe and an extraordinary menu of house-invented signature cocktails.  Two of the most popular of these are the Bourberry, a pink-colored drink made with Jim Bean whiskey, raspberry liqueur and muddled raspberries; and the Viper, made with Patron tequila, orange liqueur, cucumber water and cayenne pepper. The bartenders, most having been recruited from upscale, swanky clubs, are near impossible to stump, and the beer, while a bit pricey, is always ice cold.  5 Church also boasts an extensive wine menu, with bold reds and crisp whites being served by the glass and bottle. Diners are free to bring in their own wine, although the establishment does charge a modest corking fee.

Finally, the décor at 5 Church, which consists of white feather chandeliers and a ceiling hand painted with the entire text from the book The Art of War, is worth a visit on its own merit.

Charlotte skyline by PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay CC0 license

5 Best Bars in Cape Town

A city along South Africa’s extensive coastline, Cape Town is the second-most populous city in the country (after Johannesburg) and the capital and primate city of the Western Cape Province.  Cape Town is also a popular international tourist destination, drawing millions of visitors each year from around Africa and across the globe.

With several world-class tourist attractions, such as Table Mountain and Cape Point, Cape Town is a beautiful and fun place to visit.  The city also boasts a wonderful and often raucous nightlife scene, represented by hundreds of great bars, lounges, wineries and nightclubs.

To introduce you to Cape Town’s enjoyable party atmosphere, below we have profiled several of the city’s most best known and well-visited bars, and provided a brief description of each locale:  the type of crowd and drinks served at each, and the characteristics, amenities and fun distractions that keep people coming back again and again.


The bar known as Oblivion is a split-level paradise that specializes mostly in fine wine.  Guests at this European-style wine bar, located in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, can choose from over 150 varieties of red and white wine, including sparkling champagnes and sweet dessert wines that are smooth and decadent.

The space in which Oblivion serves its dedicated customer base is welcoming and warm.  In addition to a medium-sized bar area, the room is dotted with several plush leather couches, all surrounding a roaring fire.  Within this atmosphere people are free to relax and chat while sipping on their favorite drink.  Some customers may want to head to the bar’s romantic rooftop garden, while others may be content to sit and watch the games on one of the two giant-screen televisions (one located on each floor)

Oblivion is located at 22 Chichester Road in the Claremont section of Cape Town.


As you might guess from its name, the Beerhouse in Cape Town is perhaps the best and most popular spot in town for lovers of the frothy brew, as well as for sports lovers looking to catch the big game.  The Beerhouse features 25 draught beers on tap, with selections rotating once or twice a month.  The drinking establishment also carries 99 different varieties of bottled beer, both domestic and imported, including a whole range of craft beer.  According to its owner, 75 percent of the beer sold at the Beerhouse is brewed locally in Cape Town and the surrounding area.

Sports lovers can always catch a game on the Beerhouse’s seven high definition televisions, positioned above the bar and around the room, making every seat in the house a prime viewing destination.  Arcade style games, pool tables and other diversions complete the atmosphere at this fun locale.

The Beerhouse is located at 223 Long Street in Cape Town.

Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar

If gin is your drink of choice, the city of Cape Town definitely has you covered with Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar.  Known as the first (and perhaps only) gin bar in Africa, this unassuming bar is rapidly becoming one of the most chic and trendy hangouts in the city.  Here you can choose from over 140 different varieties of gin, served straight up, on the rocks or mixed as a Martini, Gin and Tonic or any other concoction that pleases your palate.

In addition to the great selection of gin, Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar also offers a limited selection of other spirits (whiskeys, vodkas, etc.) and a restricted but delicious food menu.  Some of the eats at this sleek lounge include their Italian Meat Plate, South African Cheese Tray and a Spanish Charcuterie Platter.

Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar is located at 219 Bree Street in the city of Cape Town.

Banana Jam Café

If you’re looking for something different and unique for your night out on the town, you should definitely check out the Banana Jam Café.  A Caribbean-themed bar, the Banana Jam Café boasts a (very) colorful décor and a large space that is well admired by the bar’s regular local crowd.  The bar is long and straight, able to accommodate roughly 30 partiers; and tall tables with bar stools are dispersed throughout the front half of the lounge.  Towards the back of the room you’ll find a DJ booth and a large wooden dance floor, both of which see plenty of action on the weekend nights.  Outside is a large patio area with a range of comfortable seating options.

The Banana Jam Café features a fully-stocked bar, including an impressive collection of rums from around the world.  30 varieties of beer are available on tap to add to the 80 different bottled varieties of domestic and imported beer, and the food menu is unique and amazing.  The Banana Jam Café offers up dishes such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Crazy Goat Curry and Cuban Pizza, all of which go on sale during Happy Hour:  Every day of the week from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM.

The Banana Jam Café is located at 157 2nd Avenue Kenilworth in Cape Town.


Located along one of the main drags in Cape Town known as Kloof Street, Asoka is an Asian-themed bar and eatery that is supremely popular among the local drinking crowd.  And while the food and drinks at this wonderful little oasis are top-notch, the layout and atmosphere just might leave you breathless.  The design of Asoka is modeled after the principles of Fung Shui.  As such, the color-coordinated décor relies heavily on various elements like fire, water, copper and wood, spread out in a way that brings harmony to the whole environment.

The cocktail menu at Asoka, although a bit pricey in comparison to other bars on our list, is original and very yummy.  The well-clad bartenders use only the best spirits in their concoctions, as well as fresh fruit, herbs and house-squeezed juices that make each one of their drinks truly satisfying.

Note: Before leaving Asoka, be sure to take a photo next to the large olive tree—the largest tree of its kind in the city.

Asoka is located at 68 Kloof Street and is open evenings only.

Cape Town and Table Mountain by martinaH79/Pixabay CC0 license

5 Best Bars in Charleston

Charleston, the second largest and oldest city in the great state of South Carolina, is a tourist’s dream—a place where time seems to have stood still for the last century and a half.  Boasting quaint streets with retro , yet modern lamps, architecture reminiscent of the turn of the century and thousands of state and federal landmarks and national treasures, Charleston offers a wealth of things to see and do. And when you’ve completed your daily sightseeing, you may just want to head to one of the city’s many great bars to relax and unwind, where bartenders and locals are always happy to educate you further on the history, culture and longstanding traditions this city holds so dear.

To help you discover one of these great drinking locales, below we have highlighted several of the best and most oft-visited bars in Charleston, and provided a brief description of each establishment—the type of bar, the food and drinks they serve, the atmosphere and vibe, and some of the fun things to do at each location.

Tattooed Moose

Although located a bit outside the city center of Charleston, the Tattooed Moose is definitely a bar you should experience on your next trip to the city.  Boasting a cool vibe and relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, the Tattooed Moose is the type of bar in which you could spend hours without ever realizing it.  That’s because the bartenders and typical crowd can quickly begin to feel more like family than strangers, and the affordable drinks, poured generously, are bound to boost your mood.

In addition to a full selection of great liquors and liqueurs, the Tattooed Moose offers up one of the most comprehensive lineups of draft beer in the city, red and white wine by the glass, and nearly 100 selections of bottled beer.  The food menu here is also impressive, albeit somewhat different and unique.  We recommend you try the bar’s Duck Club, a tasty sandwich consisting of duck confit, bacon, cheddar cheese, and garlic aioli sauce.  Other mouthwatering entrees and snacks include their Low-country Cuban sandwich, corndogs and French fries fried in genuine duck fat.

Upper Deck

If a dive bar is your idea of a good time, the Upper Deck is perhaps the diviest of them all in Charleston.  Located down an alley off King Street in the downtown section of the city, you will first need to climb a rickety metal staircase, one that leads to a graffiti-spoiled door representing the entrance (and exit) of this upstairs bar.  Inside, the atmosphere improves ever so slightly, but it may take some time for your eyes to adjust as you make your way down the dimly lit hallway leading to the bar area.

A college hangout for certain, the Upper Deck is not the type of place for a first date, but if you’re looking to spend a night with buddies and sip on ever-so-cheap cocktails and beers, this is definitely the place to be.  Behind the long straight bar at the Upper Deck you will find all the standard spirits required to whip up a Jack and Coke or Vodka Soda, as well as roughly ten tap beer selections served in your choice of a mug or pint glass.  Bottled beer, with foreign, domestic and local craft beer choices, is also available.

As you might suspect, the Upper Limit is known for its (very) relaxed vibe and many diversions.  There are pool tables and several arcade style games, and a great jukebox that is always pumping out rock, hip hop, and indie tunes.

Moe’s Crosstown Tavern

One of the most popular local bars in the Charleston area, Moe’s Crosstown Tavern is situated on Rutledge Street almost directly across from the well-visited Hampton Park.  One of the largest bars on our list in terms of space, the tavern boasts over a hundred customers who would self-identify as regulars—and for good reason.

Not only are the drink prices at Moe’s Crosstown Tavern extremely reasonable and generously poured, the food menu is simply off the charts.  In fact, Moe’s has won the local newspaper’s award for “Best Pub Food” in the city of Charleston for eight years running now, and shows no sign of letting up any time soon.

Moe’s Crosstown Tavern is popular with all ages of people, and because it is located very near the areas of Wagener Terrace, Hampton Park Terrace, the Citadel and North Central Charleston, it is very convenient to get to.  Most come for the amazing beer, ale and burgers (Tuesdays are half-off burger night), but stay for the tasty signature cocktails, music (including live music on the weekends) and dancing.

Palace Hotel

Although the name of this bar can be rather misleading (it is not located in a hotel and is far from being a palace), the abundance of locals that frequent this tavern show that it’s definitely worth stopping into when visiting the city.  Located in Charleston’s less traveled Eastside neighborhood, the Palace Hotel is a quirky and unique bar, with cheap beer and cocktail prices, a colorful décor, and several televisions enabling patrons to watch many different games at once.

The epitome of an after-hours college hangout, the Palace Hotel offers a fairly large menu of appetizers, burgers and sandwiches.  Their tap beer selection includes domestic favorites like Budweiser, Coors and Miller Lite, as well as a range of local and national craft brews, including some very tasty ales and IPAs.

Salty Mike’s

With a name like Salty Mike’s, you just know this have to be great dive bar…and it is.  In addition to offering some of the cheapest beer (both tap and bottled beer) in the city, Salty Mike’s has all the components necessary for a Dive Bar:  a somewhat outdated décor, friendly, casually-dressed bartenders, great music and regulars who are always happy to share a joke or two.

Located along Lockwood Drive, the Palace Hotel offers a limited food menu that is tasty on most nights, and wonderful views of the Ashley River and Charleston Marina.

Charleston Rainbow Row by kelijy0/Pixabay CC0 license