5 Best Bars in Denver

Denver, the capital and most heavily populated city in the U.S. state of Colorado, is a glorious mountain city, with an elevation of exactly 5,280 feet above sea level, earning it its nickname as the Mile High City.  Denver is a true tourist’s dream, boasting thousands of diverse sites and attractions.  From its miles of mountains and many ski resorts, to its variety of museums to the many landmarks and historic buildings that call this city home, there is always something to do and see when visiting Denver, which was recently voted one of the “happiest and healthiest cities in the country.”

In addition to the scores of things to take in during the day when visiting Denver, the city additionally boasts an incredible nightlife, with hundreds of trendy bars, cocktail lounges and neighborhoods pubs serving up the best in cold beer, wine and tasty libations.  In the following article we will highlight a few of these great drinking establishments, and provide an in-depth description of each locale:  the atmosphere, characteristics, typical crowd and location of each bar, among other pertinent facts.

The Acorn

Located at 3350 Brighton Boulevard, in the downtown section of Denver, the Acorn is a wonderfully popular bar, boasting one of the best panoramic views of the Colorado Rocky Mountain range and all of its glory.  This sister restaurant of the very popular Boulders Oak bar, located just outside of Denver, the Acorn offers one of the most innovative and scrumptious cocktail menus in the city—a menu that uses a variety of different fine spirits, fresh juices and an interesting blend of herbs and spices.

The Acorn also doubles as a fine restaurant, a reputation that the Head Chef Steven Redzukauski takes very serious.  Here the food can only be dubbed as extraordinary, and most of the menu offerings are cooked via its oak wood-fired oven that sits in the middle of the dining area, making for a very unique and interesting dining experience.  All of the entrees and appetizers at the Acorn are designed carefully around the drink menu (and vice-versa); with Redzukauski and Head Bartender Bryan Dayter working closely together to ensure every experience here is a special one.

The Acorn, a comfortable and welcoming bar by any definition, offers a full selection of delicious craft beers, most of which are brewed locally in the Denver area.  The wine list is extensive, and the signature cocktail menu includes all of the classic drinks, as well as some house invented specialties, such as the “Across the Mediterranean”, a delicious blend of Gin Bonal, Contratto Bianca, two different liqueurs and lavender bitters.

The horseshoe-shaped bar at the Acorn, as well as the tables that surround it, are all marble-topped, and the décor includes wooden banquets and walls that are adorned with murals painted by local artists.  The 35-seat outdoor mezzanine, where you’ll get your best view of the mountains in the distance, is fashioned out of old Coca Cola bottles, giving the bar a bit of a quirky, artsy feel.

Roo Bar

Located at 3480 Park Avenue West in the City-Center section of Denver, the popular Roo Bar was formerly located on Fillmore Street, thus breaking a lot of hearts in that area when it closed down to move to its new location.  A comfortable pool hall with true Denver style, the always-crowded Roo Bar is a popular hangout for the city’s younger crowd, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights when the place is really jumping with excitement

The several pool tables at the Roo Bar are surrounded by 50s-style diner booths along the walls, and the long, straight bar has room for about 30 thirsty patrons.  Their signature cocktail list includes an impressive selection of martinis, and the roughly 20 beers on tap, which are rotated regularly, are always ice cold.

In addition to great beer and liquors, the Roo Bar satisfies its guests with a terrific menu of snack-style food, including burgers, dogs, sandwiches, pizza and more.  The bartenders and servers are very friendly, and the atmosphere, much like your typical pool hall, is laidback and amiable.

Fire Terrace at the Art Hotel

One of Denver’s many rooftop bars, the Fire Terrace at the Art Hotel offers some of the best views of the city’s skyline and is a great place to spend a summertime evening with friends.  Although its many offerings of beer, wine and signature cocktails are among the priciest on our list, the service at the Fire Terrace is exemplary, making it well worth the extra cost.

Guests of the aptly-named Fire Terrace Bar can perch upon one of the many semi-private lounge areas the bar boasts, each with its own glowing fire to keep them warm and comfy.  The hotel also boasts a well-maintained collection of amazing art, and guided tours are available for guests of the hotel who wish to learn more about the art’s origins.

Funky Buddha Lounge

Situated at 776 Lincoln Street in downtown Denver, the Funky Buddha Lounge is a bar that truly lives up to its unusual name.  A former dive bar named Romansito’s, the Funky Buddha Lounge now attracts the city’s upscale hipster and baby boomer crowd.  The lounge has a cool design and a minimalist, no-frills décor, and its delectable menu of original cocktails simply cannot be matched in the downtown area.

According to locals in the know, the Funky Buddha Lounge offers one of the best Happy Hours in the city, with half-priced well drinks and draught beer specials from 5:00 to 7:00 PM every Monday through Friday.  This makes it a very popular place to take a date for a pre-dinner drink.  DJs entertain the lounge’s late night crowd with music that spans many different genres, particularly indie and alternative music, as well as some well-known hits from the 1980s.

The Pioneer

Located just yards away from the well-attended University of Denver, the Pioneer is a true college bar that regularly attracts scores of students after a long day/week of studying.  The drinks at the Pioneer, which include a range of tap and bottled beers (foreign, domestic and craft beer) and house-inspired cocktails are reasonably priced, particularly the several flavors of Margaritas they offer, which sell for a mere $4 apiece.  These margaritas pair awesome with the bar’s Mexican-themed menu of eats.

A comprehensive juke box, pool tables, games, and several high-def televisions provide the entertainment at this laidback and unpretentious establishment, and the bartenders and servers, many of whom also attend the local university, are friendly and competent.

Denver cityscape by tpsdave/Pixabay CC0 license

5 Best Bars in D.C.

Washington D.C., formerly known as the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington or merely D.C., is the capital city of the United States and one of the most emblematic cities in the world.

Needless to say, Washington D.C. is a city that hosts hundreds of amazing sights and attractions, so many, in fact, that it would be impossible to see them all in a single stay.  From the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, to the Smithsonian Institute Museum, to the Capitol Building and the White House, home of the president of the United States, Washington D.C. is a city jam-packed with must-see attractions, making it one of the world’s hotbeds for national and international tourism.

And while Washington D.C. is always bustling with locals and tourists by day, it is equally busy come nightfall, when many thirsty sightseers head out to sample some of the city’s amazing restaurants, bars and cocktail lounges, of which there are hundreds.  In the following piece, we will introduce you to just a handful of these popular bars, pubs, and lounges, and provide a description of each destination, including the drink and food menu available at each location, the usual crowd that populates them, and the various amenities that make each so popular among locals and tourists.

The Round Robin

Located near the White House and Capitol Hill, at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Round Robin is a bar located within the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, which regularly hosts important dignitaries from around the globe.  The bar offers a full medley of classic cocktails and an impressive wine list longer than your arm.

The Round Robin is also a very iconic drinking establishment, one that is filled with history and lore.  American literary figures Walt Whitman and Mark Twain are said to have tipped a few drinks at the Round Robin, which is also where the famous U.S. and Kentucky statesman Henry Clay concocted the world’s first Mint Julep, now the drink of choice at the renowned Kentucky Derby horse race.


Located just blocks away from the presidential mansion, at 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue, the bar known as Wisdom is generally considered one of the best free-standing (not a hotel bar) cocktail lounges on Capitol Hill—a place where it is not uncommon to see Congressman and Senators hashing out a deal over drinks.

A very swanky cocktail lounge, the most popular order at Wisdom is gin, served either as a martini or mixed with refreshing tonic.  This is not surprising, as the bar is closely affiliated with the Philadelphia gin producer Blue Coat Gin.  In addition to gin-based drinks and other classic creations, the bar offers a very inventive menu of fruity cocktails, including their Pears of Wisdom, made with pear and elderflower liqueurs; the absinthe-based Captain Jack’s Green Sparrow, and the cucumber vodka and sake-based Saketini.

The bar menu includes some tasty and original snacks, including Boozy Bacon Waffles and a variety of outstanding sandwiches made fresh to order.

Chi-Cha Lounge

As you might infer from the name, the Chi-Cha Lounge is a Latin-themed bar modeled almost exactly after a real Mexican Hacienda—a hacienda once owned by the bar’s owner Mauricio Fraga’s grandmother.  The lounge, which is located at 1624 West U Street in the Dupont Circle region of Washington D.C., is known for its great Latin jazz music and comfortable furnishings that allow patrons to relax and stretch out.

The drink selections at the Chi-Cha Lounge include a variety of bottled beer from around the world, including an unprecedented selection of Mexican and Latin American brews, as well as a comprehensive array of great spirits and liqueurs, most notably the over 50 tequilas that are very popular here.  The signature cocktail at the bar is the red or white Chi-Cha, made with a (secret and unnamed) Latin American spirit and fresh fruit ranging from kiwi to pineapple.

The décor at the Chi-Cha Lounge is much like you would find at a classic Mexican restaurant and bar, and the atmosphere is friendly and lively, punctuated by Bolivian and Peruvian folk tunes playing softly over the wonderful sound system.


One of the most well-loved and oft-visited bars in the Northwestern part of Washington D.C., Zaytina is a Mediterranean-style restaurant and bar, with a drink and food menu inspired by that of Turkey, Lebanon and (mostly) Greece. Opened in 2002, the bar has gained rapidly in popularity over the years, thanks in large part to its delicious drinks, scrumptious fare and exemplary service.

The bar at Zaytina is a big part of the establishment’s success, and many patrons are known to forego the table service and opt instead for one of the tasty appetizers served right at the bar, such as the Lebanese French Toast or the Spinach Calamari.  The drink menu is highly original and relies heavily on Mediterranean liquors and liqueurs, including the Greek spirit known as Ouzo.  When you’re here, make sure to try the very popular Harissa Fizz, a refreshing concoction made with Silver tequila, house-made Harissa, ginger liqueur, lemon soda and lime juice.

POV Lounge

Situated at 515 15th Street in Washington’s City Center, the POV Lounge is located on the rooftop of the W Hotel (a popular chain with locations in several major cities), which was formerly known as the Washington Hotel.  The POV Lounge, located 14 floors above the city’s skyline, offers one of the best views of the city, and directly overlooks one of the most symbolic and significant residences on the planet: the White House.

Inside the plush POV Lounge, which provides both indoor and outdoor seating, you’ll find a décor dominated by deep-scarlet furnishings and accents, giving it an almost regal or royal vibe.  The pricey bar is populated mostly with hotel guests and some of Washington’s elite, discussing politics and policy as they sip on one of the bar’s classic drinks.  In addition to offering all of the standard spirits and concoctions, the POV Lounge also boasts a novel menu of house-invented cocktails, such as their French Reception, a champagne cocktail, and the always tempting Rock and Rye, made with the finest whiskey and rum.

The food menu at the POV lounge is Asian-inspired and truly delicious, including snacks such as pepper-rubbed beef skewers, bite-sized egg rolls, and samosas.  Every Sunday, the lounge hosts a scrumptious Sunday Brunch, complete with pitchers of mimosas that pair nicely with the Eggs Benedict and Lobster Rolls.

Washington DC cityscape by tpsdave/Pixabay CC0 license

5 Best Bars in Dallas

The second-largest city in the enormous state of Texas (after Houston) and the fourth-most populous metropolitan area in the United States, Dallas is one of the state’s most recognized cities and a popular tourist stop among travelers around the globe.  In addition to boasting thousands of things to do and see, Dallas is home to an amazing nightlife, marked by the literally hundreds of bars, pubs, and live music venues that call this city home.

Home to countless museums, the NFL’s emblematic Dallas Cowboys, and scores of national and federal landmarks, Dallas is truly a sightseer’s paradise.  And after a long day on the tourism trail, the city and its many bars have just the right recipe to help you relax and chill out.  To illustrate this point, below we will introduce you to several of the finest drinking locales in the city, and describe for you the type of environment, vibe and décor boasted by each club, as well as their respective food and drink selections, and some of the amenities at each bar, such as music, games and other diversions.

Ten Bells

 Located at 232 W. 7th Street, in the Bishop’s Arts District of Dallas, Ten Bells is a relaxed bar that is modeled after the pubs in jolly old England.  The bar, which takes its name from a similarly named establishment in London’s eastern quarter, is rather small in size, has an awesome selection of draught beers and British ales, and its UK-styled food menu consists of a number of English favorites, including fish and chips, bangers and mash, pickled eggs, and the oft-ordered Ten Bells Butty, a massive, diet-unfriendly plate of chips, cheddar cheese and bread.  The bar also serves up some southern style sandwiches like po’boys, racks of ribs, fiery chicken wings and one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches you’ll ever hang a lip over.

The bartenders at Ten Bells are casually dressed and experts at what they do, serving up a full range of classic and signature cocktails to go along with the ice-cold beer.  In addition to the bar area, this popular pub boasts a fairly large outdoor patio section that looks out onto the very busy 7th street, and its small stage area occasionally hosts live musical performances spanning a number of different genres.  A great place to hang out with friends—and an amazing spot for a fully-loaded Sunday brunch—Ten Bells is a must-see bar when visiting the Dallas area.

Ill Minster Pub

The Ill Minster Pub, located in Dallas’ bustling Uptown sector, is a laid back cocktail lounge with plush, comfortable furnishings and a swanky décor.  Owned by the same collective that runs the popular Dallas bars Truth and Alibi, the pub carries a great menu of inventive cocktails and an extensive lineup of local, national and international craft beers and spirits.

Located directly next door to the great restaurant known as the Uptown Urban Market, the bar is a great place to take a date for a pre-dinner drink.  The well drinks are only $4 during the bar’s extended Monday through Friday Happy Hour, which runs from 4 PM until 6:00 PM, and then again from 9 PM until 11 PM.

Victor Tangos

Situated at 3001 N. Henderson Avenue, Victor Tangos is considered by some to be the best overall bar in Dallas.  The amiable cocktail lounge and restaurant boasts a city-chic décor, with unadorned brick walls, high-beamed ceilings, a marble-topped bar and plush leather booths and sofas.  The bartenders at Victor Tangos, which specializes in old-school cocktail creations and a seemingly unlimited selection of craft microbrews, are excellent mixologists, and the servers are friendly and very conscientious.

If you’re looking for some tasty grub to help soak up the great libations offered here, Victor Tango’s definitely has you covered.  Their appetizer menu is similar to what you might find in a Madrid tapas bar, with offerings that include tuna nachos, lobster sliders and a killer shrimp cocktail.

Victor Tango’s is a great place to go with a date or with friends when you’re craving food and drink that is way above the norm, in a place with a no-frills atmosphere and friendly, upscale vibe.

Drugstore Cowboy

Located in the busy Deep Ellum quarter of Dallas, the Drugstore Cowboy is a unique establishment that doubles as a coffee bar by day and cocktail lounge by night, making it very popular among the city’s younger crowd, particularly college students taking advantage of the locale’s free Wi-Fi.

The Drugstore Cowboy offers a full bar of well and Top Shelf liquors and liqueurs, but it’s especially famous throughout town for its awesome selection of bourbons and whiskeys, which are regularly paired with a variety of cheese plates.  Cold beer, foreign, domestic, and craft brews, is available both on tap and in the bottle, and their limited selection of house invented cocktails includes the “Corpse Reviver,” a unique twist on the classic Bloody Mary.

The Foundry

One of the most crowded bars in Dallas, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights, the Foundry is a bustling, pulsating bar/nightclub that should definitely be experienced when visiting Dallas.  Located at 2303 Pittman Street, in the Oak Cliff section of the city, this fun and entertaining bar is buzzing seven nights a week, and is populated primarily by Dallas’ younger working crowd and students from the nearby university.

Known as a great place to hang out with friends, the Foundry boasts a laidback atmosphere and a simple no-nonsense décor.  The long bar has seating for over 40 guests, and the many high-backed chairs and tables are always full.  A large stage area hosts a DJ booth and dance floor at the Foundry, which also hosts live music shows and open mic sessions about once a month.

The bar area of the Foundry is made up of enormous storage containers providing sheltered seating, and the large patio area, dotted with over a dozen wooden picnic tables and benches, is a perfect oasis on a warm summer night.

As you might guess for a bar that caters to the younger crowd, the Foundry offers affordable beer (including 30 different types of craft microbrews) and cocktails, and their inventive menu of signature drinks and shots will quickly put you in a partying mood.  No food is available at the Foundry itself, but the tasty and mostly take-out restaurant known as Chicken Scratch, which is located directly next door to the bar, is happy to deliver.

A great place for a weekend date, birthday party or a quiet game of billiards with a friend, the Foundry is one of Dallas’ best bets regardless of the day or season.

Dallas skyline by tpsdave/Pixabay CC0 license

6 Best Bars in Covent Garden

A district in the city of London, England, located on the eastern fringes of the town’s West End, between St. Martin’s Lane and Drury Lane, Covent Garden is one of the most popular tourists regions in the city.  It is also a wonderful place in which to quench your thirst, at one of the quarter’s many different bars, pubs and cocktail lounges.

Covent Garden first became popular as the site of the former fruit and vegetable market that was located in its central square, but it is now populated mainly by shoppers and tourists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Central London.  Covent Garden is home to the Royal Opera House that bears the same name, the London Transport Museum and the Theatre Royal, located on Drury Lane.

If you find yourself thirsty after a long day of sightseeing in Covent Garden, we’ve got you covered.  Below we have listed and highlighted some of the best and most popular drinking destinations in this region, and provided a brief description of each locale.

Covent Garden Cocktail Club

The Covent Garden Cocktail Club is one of the most fashionable cocktail bars in this part of the city.  Although the bar is a members-only locale, visitors can check out the Covent Garden Cocktail Club if they attend with a member, and the experience is well worth it.  Boasting a vintage atmosphere and an early 20th century vibe, the lounge is especially popular among the region’s older patrons, and the wide-ranging menu of cocktails represents some of the most popular drinks of yesteryear with a modern twist—a twist that relies heavily on house-squeezed juices and fresh spices, herbs and fruits.

With its dated furniture and simple décor, the Covent Garden Cocktail Club feels more like a 1920s speakeasy than a modern British bar.

Inamo Covent Garden

The Inamo Covent Garden is a two-story bar and restaurant that is ideal for a date night or private party.  On the top floor of this trendy locale is the restaurant—an eatery that truly takes advantage of modern technology.  Patrons place their grub order via an electronic tablet at their table, and even “set their own tabletop projections,” in a restaurant that specializes in Asian-pan delicacies, particularly sushi and a variety of Asian-based soups and appetizers, created by head chef Jon Claro.

Downstairs, you will find the Inamo Covent Garden’s pleasant and warm bar area, with a horseshoe-shaped bar and well-dressed bartenders that definitely know their way around a shaker.  Here you can enjoy a glass of wine or one of the bar’s imaginative and original cocktails, which also lean toward an Asian influence.

Be at One

If your perfect and preferred bar experience includes music and dancing, you will definitely want to make your way to the Covent Garden bar known as Be at One.  Known for hosting some of the best private parties in the region, the bar might seem a bit upscale to visitors, but with its (semi) affordable drinks and cool, friendly atmosphere, a more comfortable bar you will not find in the city.

Located in the basement of one of Covent Garden’s most historic buildings, Be at One hosts one of the best happy hours in the city (5 PM to 7 PM Monday through Friday), and its juke box is always cranking out the very best tunes of the day.  A small stage area occasionally hosts live music performances, during which tipsy revelers cheer on the band as they shake they stuff on the crowded dance floor.

Tropicana Beach Club

The beach-themed bar known as the Tropicana Beach Club is rapidly gaining in popularity as one of the best and most well-visited bars in Covent Garden.  In what’s actually more of a nightclub than a neighborhood bar, the Tropicana Beach Club is renowned for its music, put on by local DJs as well as a variety of live bands, including a number of big name artists from London and beyond.  Partiers at the bar can often be seen dancing on the lagoon-themed dance floor as the music plays, stopping only briefly to sip from one of the destination’s delicious signature cocktails or craft beers.

The cocktails at the Tropicana Beach Club are scrumptious and fruity, similar to what you might find in Hawaii or Polynesia, and the surroundings here are very laid back, with make-shift cabanas serving as booths and a long fiberglass bar that resembles a surfboard.  And if you happen to visit the club on a Thursday evening, you may want to try your luck in the limbo contest, after which the top three benders receive drink prizes and a spattering of much-deserved applause from the fun, happy crowd.

Cocktail Baby

Tucked away in the basement of Joe’s Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden is a little secret you just have to check out:  Cocktail Baby.  Cocktail Baby is an entertaining, and almost retro cocktail lounge that is always pleasant and friendly.  Here you will find an all-inclusive compilation of beer, wine and spirits, served up by uniformed bartenders that are always happy and eager to lend an ear.  Happy hour (from 4PM until 6:30 PM) is especially popular here, with terrific specials on craft beers, ciders and $1 off all well drinks.

On the weekend nights at Cocktail Baby, when the bar stays open into the wee hours of the morning, the club truly comes alive.  Soulful blues music and a bit of disco blare over the speakers as drinkers become dancers on the small dance floor.

Top Secret Comedy Club

For a truly different—and very uplifting—experience when visiting Covent Garden, make sure to check out the Top Secret Comedy Club, which also doubles as a fantastic bar and eatery.  Located in a basement below a popular Drury Lane restaurant, the two-room Top Secret Comedy Club features a medium-sized bar area, with a long, straight, wooden bar, hilarious bartenders and a décor that pays homage to the comic industry, with walls adorned with headshot photos and posters from days gone by.

In the second room of the Top Comedy Club, get ready to laugh while you sip on one of the club’s classic cocktail creations.  The club features top-draw comics at least four nights a week, with names that include Jason Manford and Jack Whitehall, both of whom are very popular throughout the UK and Europe for their crazy and witty hysterics.

Covent Garden by fiach/Pixabay CC0 license

5 Best Bars in Copenhagen

The capital and most populous city in the country of Denmark, Copenhagen is one of the most livable cities in the world, as well a major hotspot for European and international tourism.  An historic city, Copenhagen effortlessly blends the old with the modern, and the result is a clean and safe city that most tourists find difficult to leave once they arrive.

In addition to being a wonderful tourist locale, with literally hundreds of great sites and attractions to take in, Copenhagen also boasts an amazing nightlife scene, hosting an impressive number of fantastic bars, cool lounges, laidback pubs and thumping nightclubs.  People of all ages will find it easy to locate a bar that suits their particular tastes in Copenhagen, and in the following article we aim to make that process a bit easier.  Here we will highlight several of the best bars and lounges in the city of Copenhagen, and describe for you some pertinent details about each destination: the drink menu, music, vibe, characteristics and amenities.

Nimb Bar

Located on the ground floor of the Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen, the Nimb Bar is one of many hotel bars in the city and definitely one of the finest of its kind.  Here hotel guests and visitors will find an innovative medley of succulent cocktails from an extensive menu that changes about once every month, ensuring there is always something novel and exciting to sample here.  The bar also has an impressive range of bottled beers representing the best in both local craft brews and imported beer from around the globe.  So extensive is the drink menu at the Nimb Bar that you may find it hard to decide, but we highly recommend the bar’s Old Fashioned and Sloe Gin Fizz.

The atmosphere at the Nimb Bar is rather quiet and demure.  The sparsely decorated space is located in an historic Moorish-influenced building, boasting an attractive mixture of domes and arches, a sleek, horseshoe-shaped bar, an open fireplace, wood floors, and striking chandeliers that give the bar a romantic vibe.  A great place for a pre-dinner drink before dining at one of the hotel’s four-star restaurants, the Nimb Bar is a great place for a that important anniversary.

Salon 39

Populated by smartly-dressed patrons, Salon 39 is one of Copenhagen’s most upscale bars; however the drink prices are rather reasonable given what you receive in return.  The bar’s chic décor has been luring some of Copenhagen’s elite for over a decade, all of whom come for the Top Shelf spirits, delectable fare and a private atmosphere that is hard to come by in most drinking establishments.

All of the bartenders at Salon 39 are highly trained, friendly, and attentive, and are largely responsible for the club’s unique menu of cocktails.  Two of the favorite choices on this extensive drink menu are the Pussers’ Pain Killer, a mixture of Malibu Rum, pineapple, coconut, lime and nutmeg; and the Lynchburg Lemonade, made with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, ginger ale, lemon and triple sec.

Salon 39 essentially has a triple identity, serving as a café by day, a bistro during the dinner hour and a rocking party hub after dark.  So whenever you decide to visit this fine establishment, make sure you bring your appetite and your thirst.

Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus

The mere name of this bar makes it worth a stop, and the delicious menu of signature cocktails will surely make you want to stay.  A crowded bar on most nights of the week, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays after 10 PM, Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus is always buzzing with people and excitement.  It is also, according to locals, the preferred drinking destination for Denmark’s royal class, and an occasional glimpse of the regal playboy Frederick Denmark is entirely possible here.

Half bar and half nightclub, Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus regularly features live music, and their jukebox has an amazing selection of tunes from across many different genres.  The décor is chic and a bit ridiculous, and its glass walls, which look out onto the busy square, make it a perfect place for some epic people watching.


Located in what used to be an old apartment building in Copenhagen, Ruby is known as a fairly glamorous cocktail lounge and a marvelous place to go after a delicious meal in the city.  Although the bar can be a tad difficult to find for first-timers (the door is unmarked like an old speakeasy), once inside patrons will have access to one of the best cocktail selections in the city.  All the conventional favorites are on hand here, such as Manhattans, Screwdrivers and Greyhounds, and all are made from Top Shelf liquors and fresh juices.  There is also a notable menu of original drinks from which to choose, one of the most popular being their Burnt Fig, made with Cognac, cream and caramelized fig syrup.

Ruby boasts high ceilings, comfortable furnishings, an oaken bar and a genuine Scandinavian feel.  A great place to chat with an old friend, the friendly servers will gladly take your drink order at your table, eliminating the need to stand at the bar and hope for the bartender’s attention.

Bar 7

A rather affordable bar by Denmark’s standards, Bar 7 is one of the most popular gathering hotspots in the city.  In a space that feels more like New York than this European capital, Bar 7 is divided into several different rooms, each with something different going on.  The game room boasts pool tables and electronic games, while another room hosts a DJ booth, stage and dance floor.  The prime drinking area, and by far the largest room, is home to a sleek, black 7-meter bar that accommodates over two dozen happy drinkers, black leather sofas and loungers and some high tables and chairs.

The drink menu at Bar 7 is fairly standard, but there is a narrow selection of signature drinks to choose from (the Danish Strawberries cocktail is to die for).  This is the perfect place for a first date or a night out with friends, as its relaxing atmosphere truly lends itself to great conversation.

Copenhagen canal by dancepool/Pixabay CC0 license