Cool Career: Get Paid To Drink Beer As A Professional Beer Taster

Probably one of the coolest jobs on the planet, especially if you enjoy a good beer, is working as Beer and Ale taster. Yes, this job is just as awesome as it sounds – someone pays you to drink beer and ale. For beer lovers, it truly doesn’t get any better than this – am I right?

Of course, not all the beer is great. That’s why they need you. Beer and ale makers employ professional tasters to let them know if knew beverages are good enough to be released to the public. Some of the beers you taste will never actually make it to the market. Hopefully, none of those will be your favorites!

Beer Taster Job Requirements

Qualifying for the job of a professional taster doesn’t really require all that much in terms of skills and qualifications. Obviously, you need to enjoy the taste of beer and ale. And you need a pretty decent palate. So, if you think that Bud Light is the best and only beer worth drinking, well, you’re probably not going to be able to land this job – unless it’s with the people who make Bud Light, then you might have a shot.

Your taste buds need to be able to tell the difference between hops-based and malt-based beer. Likewise, you’ll need to be able to tell your boss if a sample is too hoppy, etc. As you taste each brew, you should be able to pick up on the identifying characteristics that define each brew. You’ll also need to be able to tell the difference in texture among the different types of beers, such as thick for stouts and thin for pale ales.

Since you can’t get a degree is beerology in college, you don’t need anything more than a high school diploma when it comes to education. Sure, a little bit of college or a degree might help to give you a boost against other candidates, but it’s not required for the gig. However, there are a few places where you can get certified as a beer taster, which can help you land this job. Check out the programs below for more information:

Beer Taster Salary

Since this job is available all over the world, and with breweries of all sizes, the average salary is hard to determine. It ranges all over the map. In the United Kingdom, you can expect around 200GBP per day, which is a pretty nice pay rate. In the United States, the average reported seems to be around $45,000 per year. Of course, your pay rate will likely be a bit lower when you first get started until you gain some experience.

It is worth pointing out that many beer tasters function as Beer Quality Technicians who visit local area pubs to taste the beer from their brewery. And this means being on-call all the time in case one of those pubs has a problem with a cooler or something else related. So, this can be a 40+ hour per week job. Not that drinking beer is hard work!

Getting A Beer Taster Job

If you love beer and think that you’re a good candidate for this job, it’s time to start looking for open jobs. You will usually see the job title listed as Professional Beer Taster, Beer Sommelier, Cicerones or Beer Quality Technician.

The best places to find these jobs is to check the current job openings at all the breweries that you are interested in working with. These jobs are not always publicized widely, which means checking the openings for each brewery can be the only way to find out about them. Some examples include Anheuser-Busch, Constellation Brands, and MillerCoors.

You can sometimes find job openings on some of the major job ad sites, like

For more information on what it’s like to work as a professional beer taster, check out some of the links below.

How To Get Rid Of Wine Stains In The Carpet?

Wine spills happen to the best of us. No matter how careful you are, you will have a small party one day or simply host a few friends over and some red wine gets spilled on your beautiful carpet. It is the risk of loving red wine and it is not without solutions. Red wine stains can be pesky on clothes but on a carpet, it is even more difficult to deal with. You have to know some ways to remove those red wine stains so they do not stick around for too long. If you act quickly, there is no need to fear red wine stains. Make use of the following neat tricks to get rid of red wine stains on your carpet.

For every stain, the first thing to do is blot up the stain immediately. As soon as the wine spills, pick up a rag or paper towel and act fast to blot up as much of the wine as possible before it sets into the carpet. Blot in an up and down motion not rubbing side to side so as not to increase the stain are or help the wine enter deeper into the fibers of the carpet. Also, blot from the edges into the center of the spill to control the affected area.

At some point, blotting will get difficult. Now you should add cold water to the spot and keep blotting. The water helps to dilute the wine and loosen it up for more to come out before moving on to any of the methods below.

Dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide

For light colored carpets, mix dishwashing liquid with hydrogen peroxide. The amount of the mixture will depend on the size of the wine stain. Blot the mixture into the stain with a clean rag working in sections until the entire affected area is covered. Allow the mixture sit for a few minutes to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers. Mix cold water with a little dish soap in a bowl or spray bottle and spray or dab it on the stained area. Blot with a dry cloth or paper towel. Use lukewarm water and blot the area to remove the soapy residue.

The salt trick

The blotting will help but will not get rid of the stain. While the affected area is still wet, cover it liberally in salt. As the salt sits there, the granules will draw the moisture and stain out of the carpet. This will take a few hours. Do not use this treatment over a dried area, wet it if it is too dry. Allow the salt to sit and do its work and leave it there overnight if you are not in a rush. The salt will turn pink in color as it absorbs the stain. Scoop off the salt when the stain is gone or vacuum the carpet.

Vinegar solution

Mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid into 2 cups of warm water. Combine these ingredients in a big bowl and stir. White vinegar is better because it does not leave a stain of its own. With a clean cloth, dab the mixture on the affected part of the carpet. The mixture will enter into the carpet fiber and loosen up the stain. Use a dry towel to dab the area as you work. Alternate between cold water and the mixture and dab it dry until you have your desired results.

White wine and baking soda

Pour white wine or plain vodka on the stain to lessen the red color. Blot this lightly with a sponge to soak up the color and avoid pressing it deeper into the carpet fibers. Make a paste with three parts water and one part baking soda. Spread this paste over the affected area and cover the area with a clean cloth overnight. Use a heavyweight on the cloth to apply pressure and push the baking soda deeper into the stain for better cleaning. The cloth may get wet so only use a weight that will not be affected by moisture. The baking soda will form clumps and dry after soaking up the stain. Vacuum the area to remove the clumps.

Next day solution

Cleaning up will be more difficult if you did not notice the spill when it happened. The red wine stain would have dried. In this case, you need to pour a lot of hot water on the stain and apply pre-treatment. Apply an oxi product on the stain for 2 hours to 10 hours.

If the above do-it-yourself solutions do not work then your only option might be to call a professional carpet cleaning service like Prestige Specialist Cleaning if you’re in the greater Bristol area. The industrial grade products used by professionals will help to return your carpet back to its former stainless glory and solve your worries.

Wine Glass Red Bordeux Merlot Chianti Stain Spill image by Michael Jastremski for

6 Best Bars in Montreal

The most heavily populated city in the Canadian province of Quebec, and the second-most populous city in the entire country (after Toronto), Montreal is a brilliant, clean and very beautiful city that offers a countless number of sights and attractions.

A wonderfully diverse and cosmopolitan metropolis, Montreal was recently named “Canada’s Cultural Capital” by Monocle Magazine, and the city is the undisputed hub for the country’s French-language media and theater industries.   Montreal hosts several cultural events, fairs and music festivals each year, and its nightlife scene is considered one of the best in North America.   This nightlife includes hundreds of great bars, cocktail lounges and nightclubs, all designed to give the Montreal people (and tourists) a place to relax, party and let loose, if only for a while.

In the following article we have shined a light on several of these great Montreal drinking establishments, and provided a brief description of each—a description that includes each bar’s atmosphere and vibe, usual crowd, food and drink offerings, and the amenities/diversions available to customers.

Dieu du Ciel

Situated at 29 Avenue Laurier Quest in Montreal, the bar known as Dieu du Ciel, or “Good Lord” in English, is a quaint, yet exotic bar and lounge that is very popular among local residents.  Although a bit pricey, Dieu du Ciel offers a full menu of house microbrews, domestics and unusual imported beer selections, from stouts that are infused with chocolate malts to spicy red ales with peppercorn accents.

The interior of Dieu du Ciel is sleek and sophisticated, and the well-dressed bartenders rarely miss a drink order (in English or French).  The signature cocktail menu is as exotic as the selection of microbrews, including their Aphrodisiac Cocktails, whose ingredients are mainly secret, yet no less delicious.

Whiskey Café

Attracting a mostly affluent collection of local clientele, the Whiskey Café is an upscale and classy drinking establishment that should definitely be experienced at least once.  At the Whiskey Café, it’s very rare to see people actually gathered at the bar, but rather perched in the high-back and very comfortable arm chairs that populate the bar, taking advantage of table service, some great reading material and perhaps even a rich, dark Cohiba cigar.  Top Shelf spirits and aged wine are available for customers to sip on, including over 100 varieties of single malt whiskey and scotch.

The stark, yet tasteful bar provides a guest book in which patrons are free to sign in as they enter, and a car service will take you home should you find yourself too inebriated to safely drive.  There is also a wonderful café adjacent to the bar, from which many customers order caviar to go along with their libation (s).

Dominion Square Tavern

Located at 1243 Rue Metcalfe, in the heart of downtown Montreal, the Dominion Square Tavern is perhaps the antithesis of the Whiskey Café—a laidback hotspot with affordable drink and grub prices and a simple, welcoming décor.  Modeled after a Prohibition-style saloon, the tavern, which is situated just one street away from the decadent temptations of St, Catherine’s Street, boasts nearly 40 varieties of draft beer and ale, and a food menu that includes a number of the French-styled snack foods that are so popular around Montreal.

The Dominion Square Tavern has a long, wooden bar, behind which the two bartenders effortlessly mix up the drink orders that are shouted over the loud jukebox music.  Absinthe fountains are perched on the tables that surround the bar, so be careful—just a couple sips of this potent liqueur can go a long way.


A great bar by evening, which transitions into a chic after-hours club come to 2 AM, Stereo is one of the trendiest nightspots in the city, located on the aforementioned Saint Catharine Street.  Recently named one of the Top Ten nightclubs in the world by Muzik Magazine, Stereo boasts a state-of-the-art sound system and amazing swivel lighting, which together keep happy revelers dancing into the light of the day.  On weekend nights, live performers take the stage as the dancers cheer them on; and on the more subdued weekday nights, DJ-spun tunes and jukebox music is always blaring.

The drinks at Stereo include a full lineup of foreign and domestic beer, and a refreshing array of house-invented cocktails that are always fresh and fruity.

La Distillerie

Located at 300 Rue Ontario East, La Distillerie, or “the Distillery,” has a well-known reputation for cocktails that are both large and extremely potent, not to mention fairly reasonably priced.  This combination makes it a very popular spot among the city of Montreal’s younger crowd—a group that has perhaps yet to learn their limits.

Both beer and cocktails at La Distillerie are served by the liter (if requested); most in an old Mason jar that is representative of the 1920s.  The décor at the bar is glitzy and bright, with both gold and silver accents spread throughout the space.  No (main) food service is offered at this bar and nightclub, but there are peanuts and goldfish crackers to nosh on while you sip your favorite drink.


Modeled after some of the bar’s in its namesake city in Japan, the Tokyo Bar is a split-level bar and dance club that truly comes alive on Friday and Saturday nights after 10:00 PM.  The small, yet posh club, located in Montreal’s Saint Laurent District, was recently renovated to reflect some of the modern trends in the city.  The main room hosts a bar that resembles an old-time saloon, with walk-up service to the long wooden bar and a spattering of rustic tables and benches dispersed neatly around the room.  The upstairs area of the tavern is home to a stage area, DJ booth and a fairly small dance floor that is usually jam-packed.  The music genres featured at the bar range from rock to indie to hip hop tunes, and the live music is performed mostly by local acts, although occasionally a touring group will stop in for a set or two.

The drink menu is very diverse at the Tokyo Bar, ranging from bottled and draught beer, to fruity cocktails to martinis, of which there are over 80 varieties.

Montreal cityscape by Unsplash/Pixabay CC0 license

5 Best Bars in Dublin

The capital and largest city in Ireland, Dublin, which is also the capital of the province of Leinster, is located on the country’s east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey.  The city, which boasts a population of nearly 1.4 million permanent residents, is unique in that it incorporates all the history and traditions of the Old Country, mixed with its modern infrastructure and architecture, to create a truly diverse city that is loved by its people.

With ancient structures like the Dublin Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral leading the way, Dublin has remained a popular tourist destination for centuries, drawing millions of people each year from across the globe, some coming to learn about their Irish heritage and others merely enthralled with the Irish culture.

Speaking of culture, drinking and bars are a big part of Dublin’s identity, and the city is by far the country’s busiest nightlife destination, boasting hundreds of pubs, bars, lounges and other nighttime hotspots within the city limits—haunts that are always packed to the gills, particularly on weekends and on important “drinking holidays,” such as St. Patrick’s Day.

In the following article we will highlight several of the best and brightest drinking establishments in the city of Dublin, including a cursory description of each locale’s drink and grub offerings; amenities; and the typical crowd and atmosphere you’re likely to find at each bar.


Located at 57 Harcourt Street in the Dublin City Center, Odeon is NOT your traditional Irish pub.  Recently reopened after a fairly extensive remodel, Odeon is a superbly lavish and plush drinking locale, sporting dark curtains and Old World lampshades that emit a warm and romantic glow throughout the bar and restaurant areas.

The Odeon Bar serves up all the traditional libations—beer, wine and spirits—and their in-house-inspired medley of cocktails is truly special and satisfying.  Among the many original concoctions you will find here are the Spiced Mojito, a combination of cardamom-infused Cuban spiced rum and fresh lime juice, topped with mint and spiced pineapple; the Guy Fawkes, made with gunpowder tea-infused gin and a blackberry truffle; and their own special take on the Manhattan, with house-made truffle bitters to give it a wonderful smoky taste. The bar even has an impressive cache of dessert drinks, including their Edible Collins (made with gin and jelly) and an array of Hot and Cold Cosmopolitans.

Soft jazz and blues music is piped into the bar over a great sound system at this dress-to-impress bar—a wonderful place for an anniversary dinner and cocktail.

The Garage Bar

Located in the Temple Bar community of Dublin, the Garage Bar is a laidback establishment with over 50 varieties of draught beer on tap, including the ever so popular Guinness Ale.   A bit of a departure from some of the other cookie-cutter style Irish pubs in the city, the Garage Bar, which is located on Essex Street, boasts an open floor plan and furnishings that seem more suitable for a mechanic’s shop than a bar.  Here you will find vintage 1950s gas pumps scattered throughout the space, a bar front fashioned from all car doors, sawdust floors and seating around old wooden tables with a tire base.

The unique décor is not the only thing that drives waves of customers to this fun drinking establishment.  The Garage Bar features great prices on pitchers of beer and reasonably priced cocktails that are mixed fresh and ably by the friendly bartenders.  Great music is always pumping out of the bar’s jukebox, and the two pool tables at the back of the club are always bustling with happy partiers.

37 Dawson Street

Formerly known as Ron Black’s, 37 Dawson Street is a lively and ritzy lounge, a space that boasts more than its fair share of antiques, and accents that include decorative curtains, custom-made sofas, a roaring fireplace and animal heads adorning the walls.  There are four separate and unique areas in this light-filled and very large bar, each with its own personality.  In one room you are likely to find antique bookshelves packed with first-edition scripts, only to find a neon-based dance floor and DJ booth in the next,

The drink menu at 37 Dawson Street is extensive and delicious, and while most customers are known to sip on wine and classic cocktails, others turn to the signature menu of libations, such as their No. 37 Bloody Mary, a mixture of Absolut Vodka, tomato juice and an amazing combination of eleven different spices, condiments and juices.  One of the four distinct rooms, known as the Whiskey Bar, has a separate entrance and seating area, where patrons can sample over a 100 different varieties of whiskey while relaxing on comfy leather sofas that will melt away the worries of the day.

The Black Sheep

With a name indicative of a true Irish pub, the Black Sheep, located on Capel Street in Dublin’s City Centre District, is the sister bar to Camden Street’s Against the Grain pub.  The Black Sheep has a rustic vibe and atmosphere, punctuated with wide wooden tables and a range of fun board games stashed away for a competitive game night among friends.

The Black Sheep is the type of place where the clientele may stay for hours to enjoy the great beer, wine and terrific food—an Irish-inspired menu of snacks, appetizers and calorie-packed comfort meals.  There are over 100 craft beers on tap at the Black Sheep, making it one of the preferred destinations for beer and ale aficionados in the city, of which there are many.

The Rum Bar

Also located in the city’s downtown quarter, the Rum Bar is the place to go for the sweet island liquor from which it takes its name, as the bar carries more than 100 different varieties of rum from around the world.

The Rum Bar, which boasts a rather relaxed atmosphere and a speakeasy-type feel, is packed most nights of the week during happy hour, mostly with the city’s working class, but it also hosts a much younger crowd into the late-night hours, when the music starts pumping and straight-up shots become the most popular order.

Bridge in Dublin by clairetardy/Pixabay CC0 license

5 Best Bars in Dubai

The largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is positioned on the southeast coast of the strategic Persian Gulf and is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the country.  It is also a country with a surprisingly amazing nightlife.

Although an article about the “Best Bars in Dubai,” a mostly Muslim-populated city in the Middle East, may raise some eyebrows (drinking alcohol is forbidden under the tenets of Islam), it’s important to remember there are thousands of foreign workers and visitors that populate the city, in addition to a sizeable portion of non-Muslim believers.  As such, the city has a quite surprising number of superb bars and nightclubs scattered throughout its many neighborhoods, boasting beer, wine cocktails and entertainment, a combination that consistently rocks patrons into the wee hours of the night or morning.

To prove this point, below we have highlighted several of the best bars, cocktail lounges and nightclubs in the city of Dubai, and provided some pertinent details regarding the type of clientele you can expect at each location; the ambience at each bar; and the respective drink and food lineups that make each of these establishments stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Sho Cho

A chic and trendy locale, located at the Marina Beach Resort in Dubai, Sho Cho is a Japanese restaurant and lounge and one of the most popular drinking hangouts for the city’s jet set clientele.  The establishment, which is particularly busy on Friday and Saturday evenings, boasts a terrific food menu with all the traditional Japanese favorites, including over 50 types of sushi and a Miso Soup that has to be tasted to believe.  The cocktails are fruity and fresh, and the traditional Japanese sake truly packs a wallop.

Although the drink and food menu at Sho Cho is divine, the design of the structure may be even better.  The brainchild of designers Kamran Riazi and Greg Oram of the Washington architectural firm Oramiaz, the restaurant/lounge features a “a carpeted low-ceiling pod of a room, lit in glowing blue neon and furnished with cream leather space-age chairs, along with some rather spectacular flower displays and Manga cartoons projected onto the walls.”  The bar area also features a showy collection of fish tanks that just may make you think you’re in a submarine rather than an upscale lounge.


The aptly named 360° bar offers panoramic views of the Burj Al Arab.  Located at the end of a long pier, this alfresco lounge is one of the oldest and most established bars on our list, and also one of the best, having kept its grip on a loyal cross-section of customers for over two decades now.  Music, great conversation and amazing views make 360° very popular during Happy Hour—Monday through Friday from 5 PM until 7 PM—and the on the weekend nights, the locale truly comes alive to the sound of DJ-spun tunes blasting over the bar’s incredible sound system.

The 360° Bar carries over 50 varieties of ice-cold bottled beer, and their fully-stocked bar of fine spirits and fresh fruit juices make each cocktail taste better than the last.


Located in the heart of Dubai’s city center, Neos is a rooftop bar located on the 63rd floor of the Address building, and a must-see locale for visitors to this eclectic city.  To get to Neos, patrons must ride two separate elevators—and that will only get them to the 61st floor.  Once disembarking, they will then take another lift to the 63rd floor, which mysteriously skips the 62nd floor altogether.

Upon entering the bar, customers of Neos are immediately drawn to the large windows that surround the bar, offering some of the best views of Dubai’s skyline in the city—a skyline littered with high-rise tenements and impressive skyscrapers.   The décor is chic, yet rather bare, with black leather furnishings and an oval-shaped mahogany bar.

The cocktail menu at Neos includes a number of tasty signature cocktails—the creations of the head bartender and his amazing staff. There is also an impressive lineup of draught beer from around the globe.

Neos is a dress-to-impress locale, so be sure to wear your finest when visiting this upscale cocktail lounge and eatery.

Bahri Bar

Located in the Dubai neighborhood of Jumeirah, the Bahri Bar is just another in a long list of trendy drinking locales in the city.  Boasting an Arabian décor, the bar is furnished with Persian rugs and plush, comfortable sofas; and a gorgeous verandah offers some breathtaking views of the Madinat waterways and the Burj Al Arab.

The Bahri Bar offers drink specials throughout the week, most of which highlight their inventive menu of house-inspired cocktails, but the beer and wine menu is also quite extensive and affordable, especially when compared to some of the other bars on our list.  A great place for an after-work drink and great conversation, the Bahri Bar additionally features some pleasing, DJ-provided jazz and soul music up to five nights a week.

Uptown Bar

The Uptown Bar, which is located on the 24th floor of the very swanky Jumeirah Beach Hotel, is a fashionable cocktail lounge and one of the most elegant settings in the city.  Typically populated with well-clad businessman, oil sheiks and sun-burned tourists on holiday from their workaday lives, the no-frills and very expensive bar offers a drink menu that relies heavily on the classics—think Manhattans and Cosmopolitans—and boasts one of the city’s finest menus of aged wine and champagnes.  Their signature cocktail menu includes names such as the Negroni, made with Bombay gin, Campari and Rosso vermouth; and the Uptown Citation, a combination of Chambord, blackcurrant marmalade, cranberry juice and lime juice, all topped off with pricey, sweet champagne.

In addition to the indoor, square-shaped cocktail lounge, the Uptown Bar offers its guests outdoor seating on a simple terrace overlooking the beach—a great place for people watching.

A great place to take a first date (if you can afford it), the Uptown Bar is one of the favored locales in Dubai for those who want to “see and be seen.”

Burj Khalifa by JESHOOTS/Pixabay CC0 license

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